Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo’s career has to move on outside Dallas, Broncos are willing for a trade?

The reality of quarterback controversy in Dallas continues to create speculations and rumors in the NFL. With a 5-1 record through the leadership of quarterback Dak Prescott, the Cowboys are coming nearer and nearer into having to decide if Tony Romo is needed to be reinstated as the starting quarterback once he is healthy to play or the franchise will keep Prescott for the rest of the way.

History tells us that the success of the New England Patriots started when the organization had decided to make Tom Brady as the starting quarterback despite the fact that Drew Bledsoe at that time recovered from injury. If Dallas will go into that direction, then there’s a possibility of a Tony Romo trade in the midst of the season.

According to Morning Ledger, there’s a big chance of trading Romo to the Denver Broncos, who are in need of a reliable quarterback that could help them to be competitive to defend their title.

“…Austin Davis and Paxton Lynch have done a fair job so far, but the reality is that they might not be enough. The promising Trevor Siemian has been a bit of a question since the injury that sidelined him…”

Surely, the Broncos will not be worried about experience with Romo, having played for 13 NFL seasons. With the necessity to possess stability at the center, the Broncos might be scrutinizing the possibility of landing Romo to their side. Given the Broncos want Romo, will the Cowboys be quick enough to ship the veteran, or will they just make him as an insurance, foreseeing that they still have a quarterback if something happens to Prescott.

Will Romo be traded?

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