NBA Rumors and News: DeMarcus Cousins to be the new face of the Los Angeles Lakers, Will a trade be pushed through?

DeMarcus Cousins name will always be part of the conversation as NBA rumors are circulating around in with more than a month left before the start of the season. With the exit of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers organization is looking for a new face. It has been discussed in the recent months how the Cousins has been evolving in the conversation.

The Los Angeles Lakers need to acquire as many stars as they want just to return to be contenders in the Western Conference. While the acquisitions of Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng increase the possibility, the Lakers remain to be the underdogs in their division alone.

One of the names floating to impact the Lakers immediately is Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins. Surely, Cousins is one of the biggest names in the NBA when talking about size and who can provide double-double every night.

Cousins was almost traded to the Lakers last season when they couldn’t get along with coach George Karl. The Kings organization itself didn’t allow the trade to happen because of the importance of Cousins. However, with the current roster and situation in Sacramento, Cousins is still looking for a better home that could compete against the giants in the West.

Rumor swirls around speedily that the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers are interested on Cousins. The failed attempt of the Celtics to get Durant might be the triggering factor to desire for Cousins while the Cleveland Cavaliers might be looking to solidify for the center position. However, the Lakers might be entering into another level of getting star to play on their side. Cousins might be expressing his interest to play in LA when he posted on his Twitter that the Lakers was his favorite team growing up.

Certainly, when a player like Cousins love a team, then he has dreamed of playing with. Though there’s so much to be involved in facilitating a trade, the Lakers have the pieces to give away to take on Cousins. If the Kings could find two or three players from the Lakers to move Cousins, then a trade will happen. The Lakers have D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle to accommodate taste of the Kings.

Cousins averaged 26.9 points and 11.5 rebounds. While he plays with those big numbers, the Kings ended up with 33-49 way far from the playoffs. If Cousins demands for a trade, then he would probably want to play in LA.

One of the rumors also in the NBA today is the possibility of Kevin Love to play in LA. Love already reached his goal of winning a title and he has so many reasons to get out of the shadow of LeBron James.

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