Super Bowl Ads 2016: Hyundai Ticks All Boxes With Their New Super Bowl Commercials

Hyundai has a wonderful Super Bowl commercial this year that showcases big names. Known for its unique style of cars, Hyundai is set to show its Super Bowl commercial to the viewers. As Super Bowl and automotive commercials have been a winning combination since many years, Hyundai is ready to make the most of this year’s Super Bowl. The commercial features comedian Kevin Hart and is obviously hilarious.

More About The Hyundai Commercial
The commercial shows Kevin Hart plays dad of the girl who is about to go on a date with a guy. Kevin Hart hilariously stalks the couple everywhere they go. The car shows a very important feature called ‘Car Finder’. The commercial shows Hyundai’s Sedan. The car is given the required footage in the commercial. This commercial uses the tried and tested formula of using comedy to promote a product. The commercial has all the things required to make it interesting. Apart from the popular face of Kevin Hart, it also has humor and a good plot. It shows the feature of the car and its effective use. All these things make the commercial enjoyable and fun.

Two Other Commercials, Commercial
Hyundai has decided to go all out as it has planned three commercials. In the second commercial, people will get to see the handsome Ryan Reynolds riding a cycle. This commercial tells the viewers about another feature: emergency auto-breaking. The third one is also entertaining and educates about the smart app of Hyundai. It shows bears chasing a couple in the woods. Both these commercials have a wow factor and hence they will catch the attention of the viewers. As Super Bowl commercials are the best way to get people interested in various products, Hyundai has left no stone unturned with all three commercials. With every commercial stressing on a particular feature, viewers will get good information and will also be entertained.

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