Quicken Loans Super Bowl Commercial: The Latest Entry in The List Of Super Bowl Commercials

This Super Bowl features many new commercials as the importance of promoting products during this time of the year increases. Quicken Loans, a Detroit based money lending business, is one such new entry in the Super Bowl commercials’ list. This 60 second commercial is made to attract young home buyers.

Understanding The Financial Need Of People
Since everyone needs capital for various reasons, this commercial will surely garner attention from people in need of money. The commercial gives a lot of valuable information to such people. It also states the new Rocket Mortgage website to the viewers. Viewers can watch this information and take necessary steps as per their requirements. This new website was launched by Quicken in order to make the process of applying for a mortgage easy and quick. Interested people can fill the application and get through with the process in as less as eight minutes. This is set to revolutionize the process of applying.

Informative Commercial
This new commercial explains all these valuable points to the viewers through a female narrator. The commercial gets people interested in mortgage by explaining its overall benefits. The makers have managed to keep the commercial to-the-point and interesting at the same time. The commercial also mentions the positive effects that buying a house has on the overall economy of America. Hence, young home buyers will get a good perspective while deciding about buying a home. Entire information has been put forward in a lucid manner. For this purpose, the commercial explains the effects of making the mortgaging process simpler in a chronological manner. This information will make everyone think about the positive effect their actions can have. It works in showing the big picture to the audience. Quicken Loan has done a great job with the commercial.

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