Honda Super Bowl Commercial: Honda Has A Singing Choir Of Sheep For Super Bowl 50

It is almost inevitable to bring up a video commercial without a song and during the Super Bowl 50; everyone loves a choir from babies or from babies of sheep. Perhaps you thought of all kinds of barnyard animals that can sing and speak to people, so Honda takes it a step ahead to market a solid launch of its completely redesigned “Ridgeline” pickup.

The ad was featured early last Monday with one special feature in mind, that is, its stereo speakers under the truck’s bed. This could be useful in out of occasion parties or just a melody when looking up at the sky during a cool breezy night. This is something the pickup trucks have an advantage over completely covered tavern on wheels. In the ad, a flock of sheep enjoy their breakfast with a song, but since they are only fans of classical, rock, it has to be somebody to Love by Queen. It finally turns out that the herder plays this song through the truck’s stereo speakers on a regular basis, and while carrying the flock around and even while on the field, they listen to it and that’s how they have got it embedded in their tiny brains.

Tom Peyton calls it a really perfect Super Bowl ad when it was launched at America’s Honda headquarters as the ad has been designed with emphasis on the lighter side of things. Amidst all the emotions and aggressiveness it does really fall in place. It has been seen that taking animals and portraying them as humans has become some sort of a recent trend in humorous marketing. The ad was created by an agency called RPA of Santa Monica, California, which also seem to have two other clients for this Super Bowl 50.

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