NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman backs Tom Brady and Patriots, says ‘it wasn’t cheating’

Cornerback Richard Sherman is on the side of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots when it comes to the Deflategate scandal. Though Sherman was one of Seattle Seahawks star players who suffered the sting of losing in the Super Bowl against the Patriots, he continues to reiterate that the four-game suspension handed on Brady was too severe.

Sherman also was happy about the vacated suspension and downplayed the allegations of cheating against the Patriots. Thus, Sherman might probably accepted the fact that they were outplayed by the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

He told ESPN:

“Everybody does their things a little differently, but at the end of the day, it’s handled between the lines,” Sherman said. “And if they man up and they beat you straight up, they beat you straight up. You can say they knew your plays or they watched this or they watched that, but a lot of times if you watch film good enough, you find good indicators. You find things. So if you’re studying the game the right way, you go out there understanding what plays are coming, and you know when the plays are coming. But can you execute? Can 11 guys stop the other 11 from executing their play?

“And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. You can say you stole scripts or whatever it is, but they still have to win the game. They still have to intercept the ball. They still have to execute. Eleven guys have to execute at the same time. And that’s what they did, so give them credit. If there’s hanky-panky going on, they’ve gotten away with it.

“Like they say, if you didn’t get caught, then it wasn’t cheating.”

Sherman is one of millions who are happy about the lifting of suspensions on Tom Brady. For Sherman:

“Owners can only be fined so much. There’s a cap,” Sherman told USA Today Sports. “And Brady gets fined [roughly $2 million]. Whether the crimes are the same or not, a suspension is a suspension, a fine is a fine. Game checks.”

Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks will play the St Louis Rams on Sunday.

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