Tony Romy clutch TD pass against the New York Giants

Tony Romo is now a clutch quarterback, he didn’t choke against the Giants. When the Dallas Cowboys needed a magic, Romo delivered a clutch touchdown pass that changed the result of the game, in favor of the Cowboys.

After the New York Giants decided to kick a field goal with 1:34 left to play to have another three points, 26-20, Dallas had the ball back to its own 28-yard line. There’s no need to think how the Cowboys would have to win, a “Hail Mary” but Romo manage to move the football to the end with accuracy in passing.

Romo had 89 seconds to bring the Cowboys to victory. He led the Cowboys down to the Giant’s 11-yard line, then completed an impossible comeback by hitting a touchdown pass to Jason Witten.

Romo completed 36 of 45 passes for 356 yards and three touchdowns against two interceptions.


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