Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Kam Chancellor be starter on Sunday against the Bears after ending the holdout

Kam Chancellor has decided to play for the Seattle Seahawks despite the fact that he didn’t get what he wanted. Instead of gaining big bucks, he might be penalized and would lost thousands.

For the Seahawks, the inclusion of Chancellor will boost their defense that couldn’t stop the offenses of the Green Bay Packers in Week 2 and the St Louis Rams in Week 1.

The Seahawks strong safety is likely to play after ending his lengthy holdout, but coach Pete Carroll said his snaps will be monitored. “He’s looked like he’s in rare form,” said Caroll, adding, “But he may be a little rusty, and we’ll try to protect him and make sure he doesn’t play too much.”

After losing to the St Louis Rams in the opender, the Seattle Seahawks may have felt the need for Kam Chancellor, who currently in a long-standing holdout.

GM John Schneider received the backing of owner Paul Allen, a typically hands-off owner who has “been informed of every single development and is standing behind GM.”

In this holdout, Chancellor is losing money while the Seahawks are trying to figure out how to win without him.

Seattle Seahawks season will start on Sunday but Kam Chanceller continues to be in a holdout.

Kam Chancellor will keep his principle and position strong until the Seattle Seahawks bend their ground. Chancellor is hoping that Seattle will provide him the necessary consideration before the start of the regular season while he intends not to play as the process goes on.

The issue of the frustrated strong safefty is dragging it too long that no foreseen solution is imminent.

A fifth-round pick in 2010, Chancellor quickly rose into a formidable player the Seahawks wanted to secure for the long-term. After playing three years on a fifth-round rookie contract that provided for a $213,600 signing bonus and minimum salaries, the Chancellor and Seahawks agreed to tear up the remaining year of that deal and replaced it with a new one worth almost $30 million over five years with $17 million guaranteed. Upon signing that deal in April 2013, both sides were elated.

However, Chancellor thinks that he can get more than than because he is worth more than that. Chancellor sees contract negotiations, modifications and extensions among his teammates that placed his stand into higher ground.

The absence of strong safety Chancellor in the Seahawks preseason games is not bothering coach Pete Carroll at all. As of no, Dion Bailey and DeShawn Shed will be playing strong safety in a game against the Chargers.

Carroll said nothing has changed in Chancellor’s situation and the team at this point has to begin preparing for the regular season with the players who are available.

“Everything’s as it’s been, really as it’s been,” Carroll said of Chancellor. “At this point, it’s important for us, we have to continue to look…the opener’s coming, and we have to get our guys ready to play. So that’s what we’re doing.”

Chancellor is willing to take his contract standoff through the entire season, according to former teammate Michael Robinson.

Speaking as an analyst on NFL Network’s Total Access show, Robinson said Chancellor feels he’s worth more than the four-year, $28 million contract extension he signed in 2013. Despite the Seahawks’ limited salary cap space (a little less than $5 million), Chancellor believes the team has money available to increase his salary.

Asked if Chancellor is willing to carry his contract holdout through the season, Robinson said: “From what I know of the situation, yeah, he’s dug in. He really feels that they have the ability to pay him.”

Robinson said the Seahawks should pay Chancellor because he’s a leader in the locker room and on the field, “the boom to the Legion of Boom,” in his words.

“People have to understand that Kam (Chancellor) is not only a leader on this defense — he’s a team leader,” Robinson said. “He’s a guy that Pete (Carroll) can go to and be able to talk to a guy like Marshawn (Lynch). Be able to talk to a guy on the offensive side of the ball to get him straight. He is everything to this team.

Chancellor is an irreplaceable player for the Seahawks. If the Seahawks want to let him play, then they should give his demand.

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