NFL intentionally seek to pin Tom Brady? Baltimore Ravens vehemently deny tipping of Indianapolis Colts

The Baltimore Ravens went into defensive after documents showed that they “tipped” off the Indianapolis Colts on the deflated footballs before the AFC Championship Game.

After the NFLPA released the full transcript of Tom Brady’s appeal on his four-game suspension, the Baltimore Ravens seemed to be the instigator for the NFL to catch Tom Brady and the New England patriots and the deflated footballs. The NFLPA included evidence that Ravens officials shared concerns with the Colts over the quality of the kicking balls in the divisional round.

Contained in a ream of documents released Tuesday as part of a series of exhibits in quarterback Tom Brady’s federal case against the NFL, was an email from Colts equipment manager Sean Sullivan that confirms what many had long speculated: That the Ravens alerted the Colts to the fact that the New England Patriots were allegedly violating NFL rules in regards to game balls.

In an email to Ryan Grigson dated January 17 – one day before the Colts lost the AFC Championship Game in which the controversy began – Sullivan stated that Ravens assistant Jerry Rosburg called Pagano prior to the game to share concerns the Ravens had about their kicking balls during their divisional round loss to the Patriots one week earlier.

“Prior to the AFC Championship game, no one from the Ravens talked to the Colts about deflated footballs,” the Ravens said Wednesday in a statement. “We knew nothing of deflated footballs. John Harbaugh has been consistent in his answers to reporters about this since he was first asked on NBC-TV at the Super Bowl.”

Said Harbaugh: “I’ve been consistent from the beginning when asked about whether the Ravens tipped off the Colts about deflated footballs. I’ll say it again — we didn’t. We knew nothing about deflated footballs.

“As a former special teams coach, I know that members of the kicking group from teams talk to their counterparts all the time about conditions, including field, weather and footballs,” Harbaugh said. “I learned this morning that our kicking consultant (Randy Brown) sent a text to Coach Pagano on Jan. 16 suggesting to the Colts that they pay attention to how the officials rotate the kicking balls into the game. Coach Brown’s text did not mention the Patriots and did not complain about anything the Patriots did. The Colts never responded to Randy’s text, and he had no further communications with the Colts on this matter.”

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