New York Knicks Rumors: Carmelo Anthony unhappily admits “they could’ve gotten” LaMarcus Aldridge”

The New York Knicks under the supervision of Phil Jackson failed to acquire the service of LaMarcus Aldridge, who went to Spurs instead. Aldridge admitted that the Knicks had a great shot at him in NBA free agency but they would like him to play center to give room for rookie Kristaps Porzingis to play power forward. Aldridge refused Knicks because of that.

Phil Jackson has a different vision for the Knicks in the coming years and he did not insist on getting Aldridge. Meanwhile, All-Star Carmelo Anthony expressed himself through the New York Post during Team USA minicamp last week, saying the Knicks had a great chance as he tried to persuade Aldridge.

His reaction at learning that the Knicks pulled the center ultimatum was:

“We could’ve gotten LaMarcus,” Anthony said. “I believe the conversations me and him had, it was a big chance he’d end up in New York. I don’t really know where playing the center position comes in. I know when I was talking to him we had a very great shot.”
Aldridge, whose meeting was canceled by the Knicks, The Post reported, confirmed Wednesday playing center was at issue. Anthony said Aldridge told him that “the other day,” after which Anthony laughed and said, “I threw my headband.”

Jackson understands the future of the Knicks. He believes that the “triangle offense” would eventually bring them to the playoffs.

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