Denver Broncos Rumors and News: All-Pro winning QB Peyton Manning shows declining stats , career nears end

Is Denver Bronco’s 18-year trusted quarterback Peyton Manning declining in his prowess (as his records have shown during the recent Super Bowl) signifying an end of his Hall of Fame career?

The thirty-nine year old veteran is undeniably nearing the stage where a successor is most likely to take his place; further, this issue is already being looked into by General Manager John Elway, who says that planning for the team’s future in the absence of the veteran quarterback seems a pressing concern.
As far as Peyton Manning’s record is concerned, his decline is so clear and can be said that he is no longer the same quarterback he was before. Previously on his final five battles that include his playoffs, Manning had so far managed a satisfactory stats which rated him at 79.9 with a ratio of 4;6 in terms of touchdowns to interceptions. The most recent record is undoubtedly a disappointing slump given a previous 97.5 and 530:234 TD-INT ratio.

Exacerbated by thigh injury, Peyton Manning is clearly shedding signs of hanging up and his fans are dying to know if the team shall survive with him at the center.

As ESPN Radio reports, “The window on Manning is closing. Around him, they have a fairly young team including five Pro Bowl guys on defense. The key question other than Manning is what happens with Von Miller who is a free agent next year. They have a young team but have to answer the QB question in a fairly short window.”

Brock Osweiler serves as Manning’s back-up and is also being anticipated as one contributing much for the approaching demise of the veteran quarterback’s career. This offseason, Denver is likely to extract what Osweiler has got in order for the team to get going.
With things turning upside down fast for Manning, his record must nonetheless turn out right for this season.

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