Dallas Cowboys Rumors: quarterback Tony Romo would be replaced by Brandon Weeden?

The 2015 NFL Season has Dallas Cowboys all set in their offensive stance with Tony Romo on the center as its starting quarterback. Nonetheless, Romo is already 35 – age that makes him qualified to be succeeded by an equally promising player. Cowboys have been heard that it’s already been doing some search for Romo’s replacement, though rumor has it that the teams isn’t letting go of its quarterback, just yet.
Todd Archer of ESPN has been pried for information as to how far Dallas Cowboys has reached with regards to the steps it has taken with respect to the condition of Romo and his possible successor.

In his statement, Archer begged to differ against the assumption that Brandon Weeden could possibly replace Romo, on grounds that Weeden is dubbed as “worse than average” in terms of his rank within the NFL backup quarterbacks, as Dallas News says.

“I don’t know who thought of Brandon Weeden as a possible successor to Tony Romo. He will be a free agent after this season anyway. But I believe Romo’s successor is probably a sophomore in college right now. I’ve said this before that whenever Romo decides he doesn’t want to play or whenever the Cowboys decide Romo can’t play at a high level, then that’s when they’ll draft the guy. I realize a lot of people fall in love with the idea of drafting a quarterback early, letting him watch and learn and then take over the job after a year or two. It just doesn’t work that way. You draft a guy early and you play him. With the offensive line the Cowboys will have in place, then that will help Romo’s successor immensely,” says Archer.

Dallas Cowboys has allegedly been looking at college quarterbacks even before the National Football League (NFL) Draft. Cowboys has been heard having links with Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty who eventually got drafted by New York Jets.

Romo’s contract is said to last until year 2020, and it has been restructured but in a way that doesn’t cut his pay. Overall, Romo would have a total of $108 million. He will be due P25.2 million by year 2018 and $23.7 in year 2019 wherein he will have turned 39 years old. By that time, the Cowboys will have prepared themselves for the entry of a new quarterback.

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