Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Point Guard Matthew Dellavedova demand contract is too expensive, Cavs anticipated and signed Mo Williams

The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t decided on the fate of Australian Matthew Dellavedova when it comes to signing a contract. Dellavedova made himself a household name when he scored 20 points in Game 3 of the NBA Finals in which he started for the injured Kyrie Irving.

Dellavedova’s stock was expected to rise because of his heroic performance, even outplaying Stephen Curry. Dellavedova made the crucial basket plus a foul the enabled the Cavs to win Game 3.

The Cavaliers have made pre-emptive move in acquiring veteran pointguard Mo Williams just in case they couldn’t reach out a deal with the Aussie, whose asking price is about $4.3 million a year.

“That’s not $4 million over two years, that’s $4 million per year, correct? Oh, man. Look, Dellavedova made himself a household name in the play-offs. But even with the salary cap spike, I don’t know if he’s worth $4 million,” Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote.

While Dellavedova had some big nights in the playoffs, it doesn’t mean that he can get a big contract from the Cavs or any other team. Delly scored 19 points in Game 6 over the Bullas and delivered 17 points against Atlanta in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals and played great defense, he shot only 29 percent from the field in the final two rounds of the playoffs.

It would be difficult to fathom how Dellavedova will fit in to the new roster of the Cavaliers with Kyrie Irving as the starter and Mo Williams as the backup. Dellavedova’s price would be expensive for the Cavs if they are only looking for a third string pointguard. The Cavs can shop around and find a more versatile player with that amount of money.

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