Deflategate New England Patriots Rumors: Star Quarterback Tom Brady’s four game suspension will be reversed or reduced?

Tom Brady and representatives from the players’ union are meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell at NFL headquarters Tuesday as the New England quarterback appeals his four-game suspension. Brady is testifying under oath according to ESPN.

The golden boy of National Football League Tom Brady has not publicly appear in any press conference to address the four-game suspension imposed to him by the NFL in connection with the deflated footballs used in January’s match between the Patriots and Colts.

Brady’s agent Don Yee released a statement about his dissatisfaction with the NFL. He also reiterated that they will appeal.

“The discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. In my opinion, this outcome was pre-determined; there was no fairness in the Wells investigation whatsoever. There is no evidence that Tom directed footballs be set at pressures below the allowable limits. In fact, the evidence shows Tom clearly emphasized that footballs be set at pressures within the rules. Tom also cooperated with the investigation and answered every question presented to him. The Wells Report presents significant evidence, however, that the NFL lacks standards or protocols with respect to its handling of footballs prior to games; this is not the fault of Tom or the Patriots…

Yee continued:

…We will appeal, and if the hearing officer is completely independent and neutral, I am very confident the Wells Report will be exposed as an incredibly frail exercise in fact-finding and logic.”

The deadline for Tom Brady to appeal is on Thursday at 5:00 PM. Before the Brady’s appeal, Adam Schefter predicted that the suspension of Tom Brady will be overturned because is being rumored that the quarterback has assembled big name lawyers, one of them is Jeffrey Kessler.

As per NESN reports:

The New England Patriots quarterback could have his DeflateGate suspension overturned, a source texted ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who relayed the message on “The Herd With Colin Cowherd.” “Brady’s team is unreal,” the source said. “Talented, big-name lawyers: Yee, Kessler, etc. Prediction=won’t miss a game.”

If Brady’s appeal is inside the NFL, then it is expected that his suspension will be cut into two games. However, with the hiring of Kessler, it looks like Brady seeks to bring it in court.

Former Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, was initially suspended for the entire 2012 season fo the Saints bounty case, even advised Brady to beat the NFL in court.

“I would tell him to fight the emotion of trying to publicly defend yourself, I would lawyer up and I would devise a game plan to beat the NFL in court.”

Vilma was successful as the NFL rescinded the suspension. Brady is looking into the same direction that Vilma and others went through. The deflategate scandal will continue in court.

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