Denver Broncos Rumors: Demaryius Thomas demands for long-term deal, will miss games

The Denver Broncos have less than 24 hours to seal a deal for wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. If a deal will not happen, Thomos might be missing regular games.

Ian Rapaport reported through NFL Total Access on NFL Network “not to rule out possibility that Demaryius Thomas misses games, this is much in the real of responsibility.”

Thomas will have to play out his $12.8 million franchise tag if the Broncos will not sign to a long-term extension until 4 pm ET Wednesday. Surely, both parties are running out of time and it would be one of the biggest decisions of the Broncos.

Like Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant, Thomas is expected to miss the training camp if no deal will be finalized. Furthermore, Thomas could also elect not to play the regular season.

While Bryant and the Cowboys have been talking, Thomas and the Broncos are not. The move of Thomas to avoid the training camp might be wise to negate any injuries. However, it would be difficult for a franchise tagged player to miss games because it costs about $750,000 per game.

Peyton Manning will not have the full access of his weapons without Thomas.

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