NBA Finals News: Kobe Bryant agrees with Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James on high numbers of shots in the NBA Finals 2015

During the NBA Finals, the field goal shots of LeBron James has almost doubled from 18.5 in the regular season, 26.8 in the playoffs and catapulting to a high 35.7 shots in the NBA finals over the Golden State Warriors.

James has been into numbers of isolations and most of the possessions he has touched the ball for the Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant defends James about the increase amount of shots because of the lack of teammates who can deliver. Bryant tweeted that the Cavs are playing as if their life is on the line while Gold State is playing as if they have more NBA Finals down the line.

Kobe Bryant is not new to the NBA Finals. He has been to seven NBA Finals and has won five of them. He understands the situation and he knows when to take control of the game like the way LeBron James is doing. However, during Bryant’s time with Shaquille O’Neal, they call Bryant “ball hugging” when he is taking numbers of shots and usually, Phil Jackson always takes him out of the game.

The Golden State Warriors will try to even the series tonight while the Cleveland Cavaliers will try to have a 3-1 advantage.

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