NBA Finals 2015 Final Score and Results: Warriors win as Curry scores 26 points

Stephen Curry posted 26 points and eight assists to push the Golden State Warriors in a 108-100 overtime win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

Curry helped the Warriors in rallying from a 14-point deficit early in the game. The Warriors stood firm despite the 44 points of Lebron James, who shot 18-of-38 from field and had eight rebounds and six assists.

Update 4
LeBron James keeps on isolation plays as he has already posted 37 points to lead the Cavs 86-82 over Warriors with 6:29 left in the final quarter.

Updated 3

Golden State has exploded in last half of the second quarter to capture the lead 46-41 at 1:43 left.

Update 2:
The Cleveland Cavaliers are in control of Game One by building a 13-point lead in the first quarter over the Golden State Warriors. Currently the Cavs lead 34-29 with 6:13 left in the second quarter.

Update 1:
Lebron James scored 12 points to lead the Warriors in 29-19 first quarter. With James playing strong in the offense and the Cavs defense, the Warriors are looking to find ways to get back into the game. Stephen Curry scored only four points in the first quarter. The Cavs have an 18-9 rebound advantage.

The Golden State Warriors face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals 2015 Game One at 9:00 PM ET at the ORACLE Arena, Oakland, California.

The highly-anticipated match-up between LeBron James and Stephen Curry will be the center of attention as the NBA Finals drama starts tonight. James, who has been in his fifth consecutive Finals, will try to help the Cavaliers win their first NBA championship while Stephen Curry, NBA MVP this year, will keep the Warriors roaring in the playoffs.

James led the Cavs in dislodging the defense of the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. His numbers are spectacular in the playoffs so far. He averages 27.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 8.3 assists. Most importantly, he provides leadership to his new and young teammates in Cleveland.
”I’ve been in so many loud arenas. This is going to be one of them,” James said. ”I’ve played in OKC in the (2012) finals to start off the series. I’ve played in Boston. I’ve played in Detroit when they were in their heyday. I’ve played in Chicago in 2011 to open up the Eastern Conference finals. I’ve played in San Antonio.

”So I’ve been in some very loud buildings and this, obviously, I know tomorrow is going to be one of them. But I don’t add too much pressure on it. You just go out and you just try to play.”

On the postseason, Kyrie Irving averages 18.7 points and 3.7 assists while missing two games. J.R. Smith’s three-point shooting will be important for the Cavaliers. He has to make those shots to spread the offense for Irving and James to penetrate.

On the other hand, the best record in the NBA in the regular season Golden State will try to show its supremacy in the offense through Curry, who averages 29.2 points, 4.9 rebounds and 6.4 assists. Curry’s explosiveness in the offense would likely be the key element of the success of the Warriors if they have to beat the Cavaliers.

On the postseason, Klay Thompson averages 19.7 points as the second leading scorer for the Warriors. Though it is not known how he recovers from concussion, he has to be sharp in scoring for the Warriors. Draymond Green averages 14.0 points and 10.8 rebounds. Meanwhile, Harrison Barnes continues to play better in the playoff with his 11.3 points and 5.0 rebounds per game.

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