Washington Wizards vs Atlanta Hawks Final Scores and results: Bradley Beal explodes 28 points coming off the bench

The Washington Wizards pulled off a remarkable 104-98 upset win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game One of the semifinals in the NBA Playoffs 2015.

Coming off from the bench, Bradley Beal contributed 28 points in a 9-for-22 field goal shooting. Beal also was 2-for-5 from outside the arc and 8-for-10 in free throw shooting.

The Wizards started slow with a 37-26 deficit in the first quarter but they recovered the rest of the way, including a 16-point differential in the second half which they allowed a total of only 35 points for Atlanta.

Point guard John Wall had 18 points, six rebounds and 13 assists to have an all around performance that help the Wizards in catching up the Hawks in the third quarter. Veteran Paul Pierce seized the moment with his 19 points in 31 minutes of play. Pierce has been the leader for the Wizards as his team played better in the closing of the fourth quarter.

Demarre Carroll led the scoring for the Hawks with 24 points. Furthermore, Al Horford had a big game with 17 points, 17 rebounds and seven assists but the numbers were not good enough to bring his team the win. Paul Millsap also played well with 15 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists for Atlanta. Jeff Teague had 11 points and seven assists.

The Wizards started clamping on the offense of the Hawks in the third quarter, going into the fourth quarter with just only two point deficit. With the momentum, the Wizards toppled Atlanta in the final six minutes of the game.

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