Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Michael Bennett wants out, target is Atlanta Falcons?

The Seattle Seahawks have numbers of players finish deals in this offseason. Seattle released Bruce Irvin to the disappointment of the outside linebacker while the team still in the process of negotiation with quarterback Russell Wilson.

One of rumors is about DE Michael Bennett who wants to be traded because he is not satisfied with his contract Jason La Canfora of writes about possible trades that is still possible in the NFL, especially on Bennett:

“He’s kinda sorta tried to say that he didn’t really want to be dealt after all, but that’s not flying anywhere. He and his agent have made it clear he’d rather not be back in Seattle and while the Seahawks aren’t ones to back down, perhaps something emerges that makes sense for all parties prior to the start of the regular season. Kind of odd not to be so happy in a franchise that competes for a Lombardi Trophy, and until or unless the Seahawks put out explicit word that Bennett has permission to speak to other teams, I don’t see any clubs nibbling in this era of hyper-sensitivity over tampering regulations. But there’s a lot of time between now and September for something to perhaps change.”

Bennett has an existing contract with the Seahawks that would last until 2017. He signed a four year contract worth $28.5 in March 2014. A $16 million guaranteed in his contract.

It is reported that Bennett has asked the team to renegotiate his contract and has reported that he did not attend the team’s two-week voluntary conditioning program (which started April 20) as a result.

While Bennett desire was heard, the team is against renegotiating contracts that have more than a year remaining, and the Seahawks will not change their stance. If Bennett insists to renegotiate, then the way for the Seahawks to make him happy would be to trade him. It was reported that Bennett wants to be traded to the Falcons, but he denied it.

Will Bennett be traded during the offseason. The Seahawks priority as of the moment is Russell Wilson.

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