Tennessee Titans Rumors: Dick LeBeau defense to “show Mariota what an NFL defense is”

Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is hoping that the team’s defense will shut down all quarterbacks in 2015 except Marcus Mariota.

The Titans know exactly what to do to the No. 2 pick in order for him to make adjustments easier. LeBeau understands that the NFL defense is much faster than college football defense by saying via The Tennessean:

“I am going to do my best to show him what an NFL defense is going to look like,” LeBeau said with a smile on Tuesday, “I was glad we drafted him where I won’t have to face him. I hope we can’t stop him on the practice field. But we’re going to try to.”

No matter how successful a quarterback in college, it will not take an overnight to adjust to the speed in the NFL. Mariota has to feel the speed and quickness of his own team’s defense to learn the art of quarterbacking in the NFL.

There were many offers from other teams to acquire the service of Mariota, but the Titans were thinking differently. They didn’t want to let go of a potential future of the team.

“I know everything you read about this young man is positive,” the 77-year-old LeBeau said. “All I have ever seen him play is at the college level and he was tremendous. I am excited that we have him.”

LeBeau is one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL. He was a longtime defensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers. LeBeau was hired by the Titans as assistant head coach/defense. He used to work with head coach Ken Whisenhunt in Pittsburgh. LeBeau was the defensive coordinator and Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator under Bill Cowher that won the Super Bowl XL.

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