NBA Draft Lottery 2015 Results, Live Stream: Timberwolves, Lakers, 76ers got the first three spots

NBA Lottery Draft Update:
1. Timberwolves
2. Lakers
3. 76ers

To spice up the start of the conference finals, the NBA Draft Lottery 2015 will take place just before the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets starts.

NBA Draft Lottery will absolutely affect the destiny of a team, which have opportunity in picking the best player possible in the NBA Draft. The NBA Draft Lottery will determine the order of the NBA Draft in June.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have the best percentage chance of landing the No. 1 pick in tonight’s lottery. . By getting the NBA’s worst record of 16-66, the Timberwolves have 25 percent chance of grabbing the first pick. The New York Knicks will have the second best chance at 19.9 percent, while the Philadelphia 76ers will have 15.6 percent odds. Fourteen teams will participate in the NBA Lottery Draft 2015.

There are two scenarios where teams could lose their picks, depending on where they fall, according to ProbasketballTalk.

The Sixers will get the Lakers pick if it should fall to sixth or seventh, and Philadelphia could also end up with Miami’s pick (via dealing Thaddeus Young to Minnesota) if it falls outside the top 10.

How the NBA Lottery Pick haappens as per

“Fourteen ping-pong balls numbered 1 through 14 will be placed in a lottery machine. There are 1,001 possible combinations when four balls are drawn out of 14, without regard to their order of selection. Prior to the lottery, 1,000 of those 1,001 combinations will be assigned to the 14 participating lottery teams.

“The lottery machine is manufactured by the Smart Play Company, a leading manufacturer of state lottery machines throughout the United States. Smart Play also weighs, measures and certifies the ping-pong balls prior to the drawing.

“The drawing process occurs in the following manner: All 14 balls are placed in the lottery machine and they are mixed for 20 seconds; then the first ball is removed. The remaining balls are mixed in the lottery machine for another 10 seconds, and then second ball is drawn. There is a 10-second mix, and then the third ball is drawn. There is a 10-second mix, and then the fourth ball is drawn. The team that has been assigned that combination will receive the number one pick. The same process is repeated with the same ping-pong balls and lottery machine for the second pick and then again for the third pick.”

Minnesota has the best chance to get the top pick, and Timberwolves can’t end the night with anything worse than the No.4 pick. The Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and Oklahoma City Thunder have a chance to end the night with the 14th and last pick in the lottery. All of those teams have less than a one percent chance of getting the No.1 pick.

In 2014, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the lottery for the third time in four years, but ultimately decided to trade first-overall selection Andrew Wiggins — after the pick was made — along with 2013 first-overall selection Anthony Benett and draft picks to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for All-Star forward/center Kevin Love.

NBA Draft Lottery 2015 Live Stream is on Start time of the NBA Lottery Draft 2015 is at 8:30 PM ET.

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