Manny Pacquiao injury update: He is out nine to 12 months for surgery

Manny Pacquiao injury update: He is out nine to 12 months for surgery

Manny Pacquiao and his team were not lying in the post press conference on Sunday morning about his right shoulder’s injury. While others may not believe what Team Pacquiao’s supposed to be alibi of the loss, today it is confirmed the reality and extent of the injury.

The bad news is that the Filipino hero’s injury is worst than being talked about in the last 40 hours after the loss. ESPN reports Pacquiao will undergo shoulder surgery later this week to repair a significant tear in his rotator cuff.


“We have an MRI scan that confirms he has a rotator cuff tear. He has a significant tear,” orthopedic surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who was still with Pacquiao at his Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic office in Los Angeles.

ElAttrache said Pacquiao will be out of action between nine months and a year, assuming the surgery and rehabilitation go well.

“After speaking with the doctor, it was determined that the best method and approach is for Manny to have surgery,” Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz said.. “Manny is doing OK.”

Traditionally, Pacquiao had travelled back to the Philippines after a fight. This time, it would take longer for Pacquiao to be welcomed by his countrymen as he will have surgery this week, no specific date.

“Once you know he has a tear that’s not going to heal on its own, then the decision for an active person is you want to try to fix this before it gets bigger,” ElAttrache said. “If all goes as expected with the surgery and the rehab is successful, Manny could be back training in about six months. At that point, he will be regaining strength and endurance, and competition is reasonable within nine months to a year. But this is a severe enough tear that it won’t heal without being repaired.” ElAttrache said that Pacquiao was able to get through the 12 rounds against Mayweather because he “modulated his approach. He moderated what he did with his right hand. His punch count was less than it has been. He did alter the way he fought to get through the fight with the injury. He is in pain.”

On Saturday, Pacquiao was not at his best, throwing lesser punches than Mayweather. He couldn’t continue his attack in the fourth round in which he brought Mayweather at the rope and Pacquiao eventually decided to backout. The odds were already placed in Mayweather’s favour before the bout, too.

Team Pacquiao complained about Nevada State Athletic Commision officials who refused Pacquiao to take an anti-inflammatory hot in his shoulder in his dressing room. NSAC responded that it was Pacquiao’s fault because he didn’t disclose his injury earlier.

“I thought he fought a courageous fight under all the circumstances, and I’m very proud of what he accomplished tonight,” Arum said of Pacquiao at the post fight news conference.

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