LA Lakers Rumors: Interest on Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau emerges, nothing is impossible?

The Los Angeles Lakers may have their sight on Tom Thibodeau as the head coach in the coming season. While Thibodeau was rumored to be fired by the Bulls after losing to the Cavaliers and that he might be moving on to coach the Thunder, the Lakers come into the scene.

Jordan Schultz of Huffington Post tweeted “that the Lakers will be pursuing Tom Thibodeau. Byron Scott has just the one year left. Lakers would be paying four coaches”.

Is this possible to happen? First, the Chicago Bulls must fire Thibodeau. As of the moment, there’s no indication that the Bulls are going to relieve the coach soon. But it is expected that he would be out to find another place to coach. Thibodeau already has been rumored to coach the Pelicans or the Magic.

Secondly, the Lakers must relieve Byron Scott, who has another year in his contract. And it would be difficult for the Lakers to pay for another coach while, they are still paying Mike D’Antoni.

Because of the rumor, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak addressed the issue through sportsreiter’s radio show by saying:

“I saw something about that this morning, and my first thought was, ‘Let me call (Lakers coach) Byron (Scott) and let him know that the agents are doing their job and pay no attention.’ Noth that I think Byron reads any of that stuff, but someone may call him and say “Hey guess what I just read? Nothing to it. We’re incredibly happy with Byron. That’s what representatives and agents do. They try to create a marketplace for their guy, and I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened here, but we’re very, very happy with Byron, and after I hang up with you I’m going to calll him or text him.”

Finally, will Thibodeau agree to coach a team that would be in a rebuilding? Though the presence of Thibodeau might lure some of the big names in the free agency to play with him with the Lakers, still these free agents want a team that has a chance to win.

While anything is possible under the sun, it is not likely that the Lakers will think about Thibodeau coaching the final year of Kobe Bryant in the NBA. Surely, the Lakers had one of the worst seasons because of their lack of defense. A Thibodeau defense can be the answer to Lakers struggle but it is a long shot for him to land to LA.

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