Lakers Rumors: Jeremy Lin Free Agency options, to be back with Lakers?

Jeremy Lin contemplates the best place to render his talent in the next seasons of his career. After finishing the season with the Lakers, there’s no indication that he will be back.

After being benched by coach Byron Scott in favor of point guard Ronnie price, Lin admitted that it is the lowest point of his life in the purple and gold. Absolutely, Lin lost his starting job and it made him uncomfortable. Because of that experience, probably, Lin will no longer be interested to play with the Lakers, but he is not ruling out to give another try.

Lin, coming off from Houston, made $15 million in his final year with the Lakers. He is a journeyman who built his reputation with the high-octane offense of New York Knicks. He owned the monicker “Linsanity” when he dramatically improved his numbers in assists, scores and rebounds to help the Knicks in winning games.

However, just when he blossomed as a point guard in the NBA, his coach Mike D’Antoni was fired. Though Lin remained with the Knicks for the rest of the season, he was eventually moved to Houston.

From Orange County Register:
“His winter doldrums, he said, stemmed from being replaced in the lineup by Price, a training camp invitee who earned the veteran’s minimum $1.3 million this season.”
“I went through losing my starting position (last year) in Houston,” he said, “but we were a playoff team and we were doing well and here we were at the bottom of the standings, setting all types of records in the wrong way.”

Lin is an undrafted point guard who played at the highest level in making his team win games. Lin averaged 11.2 points and 4.6 assists in the 74 games he played with the Lakers. Lin started 30 games, while being relegated to backup in December.

One of the teams that Lin would entertain in his mind would be the Denver Nuggets, which D’Antoni may land a head coaching job. Lin, probably, wants to play with his former coach that brought out his skills in the NBA. Surely, the 26-year-old point guard will utilized his talent in the best possibly with with the same system that he loves.

Rumors on Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni will continue to circulate. Everybody hopes that they will both find their way to be together in a team.

However, there are so many teams that will be interested in Lin’s service. One is Dallas which will eventually lose Rajon Rondo.

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