Dallas Cowboys Rumors: QB Tony Romo, Darren McFadden rely on offensive line for 2015 success

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo and Darren McFadden relies on offensive line for their success

With a strong offensive line, it provides advantages on quarterback Tony Romo, who admitted that it will extend his career. Romo might have experience his best protection coming from the offensive line last season, with lower sacks and hits.

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“When you have a good offensive line like we do, the thought definitely crosses your mind to ensure you do everything possible to play longer than maybe what you had envisioned,” Romo said Friday, via The Dallas Morning News. “We’ll reassess that in a few years. My wife will tell you, I’m talking a little more long term than I maybe had been.”

Owner Jerry Jones has been building a team with an offensively that could clearly make the difference to give time and protection to the quarterback and that could play the running game. Because of the offensive line that Dallas possessed in 2014, DeMarco Murray was able to have a record-breaking season.

When it comes to running back, Darren McFadden might have a breakthrough year. McFadden has not been living up to the expectations of many, especially from his former team, the Oakland Raiders. McFadden was drafted the fourth overall in 2008 coming from a successful college years with the Razorbacks. However, the runningback was not fruitful in those years with the Raiders.

While McFadden’s journey will have to continue with the Cowboys, he must have a better offensive line that would give better opportunity to navigate through the defense of the opponents.

One of the reasons why the Cowboys did not bring forth a running back in the draft is because McFadden can be that guy who would take the shoe left by Murray.

“We really think Darren’s in the best shape of his career. He looks great out there. We really think that you put him behind our offensive line and he has some luck and stays healthy, we might really have something here.” said Stephen Jones.

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