Beyonce Rose swimsuit: Beyonce wearing a beautiful Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose One-Piece Swimsuit in a video with Nicki Minaj

Derrick Rose failed to bring the Chicago Bulls to the promise land. Despite of a complete roster, Rose’s couldn’t keep the Bulls to outlast the Cavaliers.

The good news for Rose was the move of Beyonce Knowles wearing a “Derrick Rose” Swimsuit seen in the Feeling Myself music video with Nicki Minaj. Interestingly, the video showed Beyonce wearing the Rose-themed one-piece swimsuit.

Truly, Beyonce here expresses that she is a Derrick Rose fan. She may not be happy to see her Bulls going home early in the postseason, but she is glad to popularize and to make the swimsuit viral.

Because Beyonce looks attractive using the Derrick Rose Swimsuit, numbers of people are asking where to buy the suit.

By using as an online shopping destination, by using Amazon’s search feature, there’s no exact results found about the Derrick Rose’s swimsuit.

At, it says, “We found 0 results for “derrick rose swimsuit”. At, it brings the same answer to the query, “We found 0 results for “derrick rose swimsuit”. Amazingly, Beyonce has opened the eyes of the world that a woman can wear a basketball player’s swimsuit, and it could be popular in the future.

What do you think about the Derrick Rose’s swimsuit?

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