Falcons 2015 NFL Draft Picks: Beasley, Fowler or Dupree in the first round?

The Atlanta Falcons failed the expectations of millions of fans in 2014 by having a 6-10 record. Though the Falcons almost got into the playoffs, still it was a total debacle.

To refresh the Falcons in the upcoming season, the 2015 NFL Draft might be one of the answers to bolster their roster. Part of the success in the future would be to pick the right players according to the needs and scheme. The Falcons would be better next season but they have to make sure that they have something to work on for improvements.

The Falcons would probably want to have Dante Fowler, only if he comes down to No. 8. Fowler is the best fit for the Falcons but its difficult to fathom that he slips to No. 8.

Another option for the Falcons is to have a running back named Todd Gurley. The Falcons need a running back that could have an immediate impact to the team. In this regard, Gurley is a right fit. Gurley has a legitimate chance of enhancing power in the NFL. However, the Falcons might be filling in the holes in the defense. What’s the use of an offense if the defense has holes.

Head coach Danny Quinn knows what kind of players he is looking for. He intends to strengthen the defense that struggled in the past. Clemson’s Vick Beasley is one of the options that the Quinn has to consider, that is, if he would not be picked the first seven drafts. Kentucky’s linebacker Bud Dupree is one of the most coveted defenders in the draft. If Beasley and Fowler will not be available anymore, Dupree might be a good choice for the Falcons.

Let’s see how things will go in the 2015 NFL draft for the Atlanta Falcons.

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