Denver Broncos 2015 NFL Draft: Peyton Manning a lot of help to win this year

Denver’s failure to get back in the Super Bowl last season will surely mobilize the team in acquiring the best possible player who can help in 2015 season.

As the NFL 2015 Draft approaches, the Broncos need a cohesive effort in picking the right person to sustain a formidable season, knowing that this may be Peyton Manning’s final season.

Jeff Legwold, ESPN Denver Broncos reporter, the Denver Broncos primarily need a returner in which usually overlooked in the draft. He added that the Broncos don’t want to make draft picks based solely on need at the expense of leaving higher-graded players on the draft board, they do have needs they hope they can fill next week.

At the center of the Draft Day for Denver would be general manager John Elway who brought Manning back for the 2015 season. Elway will have to dissect all the possible players that fit to the team. He told ESPN:

“I think the ideal situation is a guy that can be a core special-teams guy and can also play offensively or defensively as well as being a returner,” Elway said. “That is the ideal situation. To just have a roster spot that is eaten up by a returner is a little bit tough, even though we’ve done that the last couple of years. We’d rather have it the other way.”

Elway has to make tough decisions during the draft and Brocos’ fans hope that he will pull the right strings.

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