Dallas Cowboys’ extensive interest on RB Adrian Peterson arises deeper?

What’s the next move of Dallas Cowboys?

Since Adrian Peterson has been reinstated by the NFL on Friday, media outlets and fans alike are buzzing about his next team if he will not be playing for the Vikings. Dallas Cowboys rumors continue to evolve until Peterson finds a place in this world.

Today, no other than arguably the greatest running back Emmitt Smith predicted that the Dallas Cowboys would be headed to Super Bowl if Peterson comes to play in Dallas.

“I’d be excited for him,” Smith said, “because you’re getting a proven runner. You’re getting a runner that every defense in America must respect. Regardless is he sat out a whole entire season or not, he’s still a performer, he’s a guy that’s a threat no matter what and I know he’s coming back with a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. Some people may have written him off because of his whole entire year but he has a strong mind, a strong heart and he’s determined to be successful,” Smith told KDFW-TV.

In an article in Cowboys official website, Rob Philips titled his piece that “Peterson would make Cowboys serious contenders”. He goes on to add that his physical gifts reside in a different category than most athletes. David Helman writes his counterpoint, “the cost is multiple expensive draft picks and a big, multi-year contract – one that is bound to affect the Cowboys’ salary cap in the years to come”.

With two conflicting sides from the writers of the Dallas Cowboys website, the prediction of Emmitt Smith will have a big impact on how Jerry Jones would likely decide in the coming days.

Adrian Peterson certainly wants out of Minnesota, but it would be difficult for the Vikings to make the best deal. Peterson is still under contract for the next three years amounting to $43.25 million. The 30-year-old runningback will get a $12.5 million base salary in 2015. It would be a big financial problem for the Cowboys to absorb the contract of Peterson. However, a reconstructed contract would fit the Cowboys.

According to Bob McManam, the Vikings want a first round draft pick and a starting cornerback for Adrian Peterson. The Price is so high for any team just to get the service of Peterson.

CBS Sports reported first that six teams are interested to acquire Peterson. the Cowboys, Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars, Chargers and Buccaneers are all “in the mix” for Peterson’s services.

Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards, averaging 131.1 yards per game and 12 touchdowns in 2012, which was his best year, completing 16 games. He is a reliable runningback that can fill in the space vacated by DeMarco Murray.

Will the Dallas Cowboys pull the trigger to allow Peterson to play for them?

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