Los Angeles Lakers: Jeremy Lin is turning into “Linsanity” after the All-Star break

Coming off from the bench against Oklahoma City, Jeremy Lin toiled with 20 points, six rebounds and eight assists to help the Lakers in a losing cause.

The Los Angeles point guard has played with such passion to almost carry the Lakers into their four-gae winning streak, only to find out that the Thunder were unwilling to give it to the Lakers.

After the all-Star Break, Lin is back to his game: scoring, passing and soaring for the boards.

“When I was a rookie, I put myself through mental torment,” Lin told “I can’t do that anymore. So now I’m just growing more as a person spiritually and just learning to surrender it all. It gives me a lot of peace, man. It gives me a lot of peace.”

Lin averages 16.3 points on a 50 percent shooting from the field, team’s best. Aside from that, he is coming off the bench for the Lakers.

“At the All-Star break, I had a chance to get away and reset mentally,” Lin continued. “I’m trying to come out in attack mode. I’m just really trying to have a very free mind when I play. It’s like while I’m playing, I’m reminding myself that regardless of the results, just play, play for God. It seems like very basic, but when you care a lot about the game, you really care about the results, obviously.”

“I can honestly say it hasn’t factored into my equation at all this year,” Lin added. “The reason why I say that is because I never thought I would make it to the NBA. I never thought I’d make the money that I’ve made. I never expected to have what I have today, so a lot of it is just trusting. God has always taken care of me. I don’t need to stress about it. I really am not worried about it.”

The Lakers were clobbered by the Thunder from the start, 28-19, at the end of the first quarter. The Lakers couldn’t recover at all but Lin shined against the defense of the Thunder.

Lin is in the last year of his contract, the Lakers might get him back or he prefers to go to another team, probably a contender.

Coach Byron Scott is giving Lin all the opportunities to lead the Lakers.

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