2015 Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament March Madness Live Stream: TV Schedule, Date and Time, Odds and Point Spread

The Round of 32 is finally over and everybody looks to the Sweet 16 battle in the NCAA Tournament. One of the most exciting part of the March Madness is the stunners and upsets created by unpredictable energy from a player or a team. There are moments of surprise plays that produced results.

When it comes to Sweet 16 it means that better teams are playing against each other. Cinderella story can be applied to a team that reaches this far without even being bothered by the basketball analysts to be picked to enter in the Sweet 16 before the Tournament has started.

Let’s bring down the Sweet 16 into three brackets of thoughts. NCAA Tournament March Madness live stream is on NCAA Stream.
Five ACC Teams

Thus far, the most dominant conference belongs to the ACC with five teams still alive and one team of being sure getting into the Elite Eight. Notre Dame, Louisville, North Carolina State, North Carolina and Duke have all the chances of getting deeper into the tournament. NC State and Louisville will have to face each other in the Sweet 16, and one will survive.

With the five teams in the Sweet 16 for the ACC, how many could probably end up into the Elite Eight or even to the Final Four?

Three No. 1 Teams

From each Region, three No. 1 seeds are still competing in the Tournament. Sadly, Villanova was already upset in the previous Round. Duke, Wisconsin and Kentucky are the three No. 1 teams that will compete in the Sweet 16. Will they be able to win and advance to the next round?

One Undefeated Team

Without a doubt, the pressure of winning the rest of the Tournament is in the shoulders of the Kentucky Wildcats, who remain to be undefeated. Kentucky’s dominance in the Tournament has shown that the opponents were being outplayed from both ends of the floor. Will the strength of West Virginia be the answer to Kentucky’s schemes?

Here’s the Sweet 16 Schedule.

March 26
MidWest Region
All Time Eastern

Wichita State vs Notre Dame
TV Schedule: CBSSports
Time: 7:15
Odds and Point Spread: -1 Wichita State, 137 O/U

Kentucky vs West Virginia
TV Schedule: CBS Sports
Time: 9:45
Odds and Point Spread: -13.5 Kentucky, 138 O/U

West Region

North Carolina vs Wisconsin
TV Schedule: TBS
Time: 7:47
Odds and Point Spread: -5.5 Wisconsin, 141.5 O/U

Xavier vs Arizona
Tv Schedule: TBS
Time: 10:17
Odds and Point spread: -11 Arizona, 135 O/U

March 27

South Region

UCLA vs Gonzaga
TV Schedule: CBS Sports
Time: 7:15
Odds and Point Spread: -8.5 Gonzaga, 145 O/U

Utah vs Duke
TV Schedule: CBS Sports
Time: 9:45 PM
Odds and Point Spread: -5 Duke, 135 0/U

East Region

NC State vs Louisville
TV Schedule: TBS
Time: 7:37
Odds and Point Spread: -3 Louisville, 131.5 O/U

Michigan State vs Oklahoma
TV Schedule: TBS
Time: 10:07
Odds and Point Spread: -2 Michigan State, 135.5 OU

Who will advance to the Elite Eight?

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