Super Bowl Commercials 2015: Super Bowl Avocados seeking Americans eat fresh

As the Super Bowl XLIX is nearing it is getting fresh. More and more news are coming across about the commercials apart from other aspects such as the recently joking leak of Katy Perry’s song online that she is suppose to perform at interval on February 1.

Meanwhile, a marketing unit from Mexico, Avocados, is aiming more and more people to the main ingredient in guacamole. At the end of first quarter the firm will also be running a single 30-second spot and there will be no previews for it unlike other commercials are doing before game time.

Guacamole is a dip that started in Mexico with the Aztecs in the 16th century. It is used in modern cuisine too and is an important part of American cuisine these days.

Traditionally the Super Bowl has represented a very good way for the candy, chips, soda, nuts, and beer makers to hawk their wares. Lately it has been seen the US consumers started emphasizing on healthy eating. To encash such concept the marketing unit now has come forward for a golden opportunity to burnish the reputation of its product.

President of Avocados from Mexico, Alvaro Luque, said in an official statement that they are excited to be advertising their product during such a ‘Big Game’ and also they are equally committed in offering to their consumers a nutritious way to enjoy the game of in Super Bowl.

He also added further that their new commercial carries forward the trend toward good-for-you choices advertised and also are thrilled to be a part of such an important event.

Last year, to draw attention for Greek yogurt, Chobani and Dannon’s Oikos the gridiron classic was used.

Earlier, several other vendors too have advertised good-for-you foods in Super Bowl frays. In 2014 Super Bowl Stephen Colbert was featured by Wonderful Pistachios for being the spokesman of two. However, Avocados claims they are the first to advertise fresh produce in the game. Avocados are not packaged, and the nuts are “shelf stable. Vegetables and fruits only last so long.

The increase in avocado appetite among the Americans is now being taken advantage by the marketing folks. An estimate suggests US may probably be importing avocados in January and February for more than 285 million pounds, which is a rise if compared to decades ago. It is also said by 2019 the sales of fresh avocados may grow by 8.1%.

Who created the ad spot for the avocado marketer is not disclosed. It may probably be for the reason not to help leaking it before the TV debut.

Other marketers who have created ads for the Super Bowl includes cruise-operator Carnival Corp.; Super Glue maker Loctite; and Smartphone accessories maker Mophie. Skittles commercial is also debuting this time.

Do you love eating guacamole?

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