Is age the reason for Aston Villa’s problems?

With the fifth round of the FA Cup tournament just around the corner, British Premier League team Aston Villa could certainly do with some good luck in their upcoming game.

The long-suffering Villans are set to go head-to-head with fellow Premier League team Leicester City on 15th February, and after a shocking run in the Premier League season, could perhaps have better luck in the FA Cup.

Currently in 18th place, Aston Villa have lost a total of 13 games in the 25 played so far this Premier League season. What’s more, they also have the worst goal difference in the competition, making them prime contenders for relegation this season.

The Villans have played with fire in the past, but amazingly, since its inception in 1992, have never been out of the Premier League. Luck may have been on their side over the last 20 years, but the last few seasons have shown that their luck could soon run out.

After being purchased by American billionaire Randy Lerner in 2006, Aston Villa proceeded to slip to sixth place from 2007 to 2010, and even more recently they have found themselves in ninth, 16th and 15th place. Certainly, Lerner’s money is beginning to run out, but is this the only reason behind Aston Villa’s recent run of bad luck?

In May 2014, England manager Roy Hodgson came under fire when he revealed his World Cup team, many of whom were deemed arguably too young to take part in such a prestigious tournament. On a regional scale, experts at Betsafe are arguing that Aston Villa are suffering the same problem – they simply have too many young and inexperienced players.

We all know how it turned out for the England team, and with Paul Lambert managing one of the youngest teams in the Premier League, with an average age of 26, it could be time for a change of direction for the team. Take, for example, Tom Cleverley, who was loaned to the Villans in summer 2014 from Manchester United. Despite intentions of adding some much-needed strength to the team’s midfield, the 25-year-old failed to make the grade.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Villans however, and as one of only 10 Premier League teams left in the FA Cup, this Sunday’s game could bring about good fortunes for Villa. Taking on a 20th place Premier League team at home will surely guarantee a win for Aston Villa, so while their Premier League dream might be over for 2015, an FA Cup win could be on the horizon.


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